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Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR): Definition and Examples

Definition: the waist hip ratio is a measure which compares the size of your waist in inches to the size of their hips in inches. Risk of developing heart disease can be estimated using his waist to hip ratio. Also known as: WHR, waist hip circumference, waist to hip ratio Examples: a waist hip ratio […]

How to Make a Classic Hot Buttered Rum

A rum with hot butter is very similar to a hot toddy, but the difference is the addition of butter, which in all honesty, is that this hot special cocktail. Composed of dark rum, dark brown sugar, butter and some spices, this cold weather drink is a go to for connoisseurs cocktail, as well as […]

How to Get a Messy Dry Gel Look

It seems that all the rage for celebrity male call his hair disheveled manner, which looks like he just got out of bed. Brad Pitt, Jude Law and Ewan McGregor has sported the look, and now you can, too. All you need is the product of the style appropriate and you will be well on […]

How to Pick Up Women at Work

It is necessary to caution when trying to take a wife at work. Not only a man needs to worry about accusations of harassment, but if things go wrong every one of you can get uncomfortable around each other. Before trying to move or go forward with flirting, be sure it is the right thing […]

5 Ways to Decorate Your Home Office

It is never easy to sit down and start to work. When your task list includes answering emails, schedule deadlines or writing the next best – selling novel, is often much more tempting to do nothing but pass the mouse on a table (drugs, sometimes, washing dishes can be more attractive). When your work space […]

How To Get a Bigger Butt With Squats

You must be one of those people – as many of us who believe that the more times you work outside, and the more you push, the more fit, you will be. Of course, this is the case, up to a point, but if you ‘re squatting every day to get his estate of J. […]

3 Skin Care Tips for When You’re Traveling

Travel can be fun, but often take a toll on your skin. If you are to spend the vacation of their dreams or to visit your family for the holidays, you will want to take some measures to protect your skin, especially if you are prone to irritation and leakage. Things that you need Their […]

How to Make Serum

The serum is a highly concentrated product that helps nourish the skin with all natural ingredients. Although similar to the typical cream, serum has a large quantity of bio active substances that make it more effective in skin care. Make your own serum is fast and simple, because it has a natural basis. Using a […]

4 Natural Skin Care Ingredients That Are Not Good For Your Skin

In recent years, the beauty industry all natural and organic outpaced the growth of major companies in the beauty market. Consumers are increasingly demanding products made from plants and free of potentially toxic ingredients, with the expectation that they are completely secure and more beneficial than the counterpart of the bulk of the population. Skin […]